Our service range includes preventative measures, consultation and diagnostics as well as special therapies and health services.

Special therapy / health services

Preoperative diagnosis

Before surgery and general anesthesia, certain examinations are necessary depending on age, diseases and risk factors.
In general, a blood test and an ECG should be performed.
The surgeon then receives a report of findings, which also provides information on comorbidities and medication.

Oncological aftercare

After tumor therapy follow-up is necessary, including physical examination, blood tests with tumor markers, possible X-rays, ultrasound, etc., depending on the disease.

Patient training

Training will be offered for Type II diabetics, as well as for patients with high blood pressure ( DMP CHD).
Training is carried out by experienced diabetes assistants in small groups.
The training leads to patient understanding of the causes and effects of the disease. Practical advice for everyday life is given.
We are a member of the Training Community in and around Wiesbaden.

Vitamin Supplementation

Medivitan® contains a combination of key B vitamins (vitamin B6, B12), and folic acid. The supplements are administered by intramuscular injection.
Useful for malnutrition, chronic fatigue, decreased performance and as a supportive measure in tumor diseases, radiation or chemotherapy, etc.


Useful for recurrent infections in adulthood, chronic skin diseases and rheumatic diseases.
First, blood is taken from the arm vein, possibly mixed with a homeopathic drug and then immediately injected into the gluteal muscle. In this way, the defenses of the body are improved.
A series of 8 – 10 autologous blood injections, one to two times per week is given.

Auto vaccine Therapy

Self vaccine therapy from endogenous bacteria.
Bacteria can be useful to the body and exist for the most part in the intestine.
Auto vaccines are “intrinsic vaccines” taken from endogenous bacteria of the patient.
They are optimally adjusted to the individual’s immune system and thus serve as a healing vaccination.

Vitamin Supplementation

Medivitan® contains a combination of key B vitamins (vitamin B6, B12), and folic acid. The supplements are administered by intramuscular injection.
Useful for malnutrition, chronic fatigue, decreased performance and as a supportive measure in tumor diseases, radiation or chemotherapy, etc.


Chiropractic or manual therapy is a medical application that deals with the restoration of mobility of joints that are intact, but impaired in function.
Apply various techniques in which joints (the small joints of the spine) are either mobilized or manipulated.
The goal is to alleviate existing joint dysfunction, and thereby reduce or eliminate symptoms completely.

Neural Therapy / Therapeutic Local Anesthesia

A therapeutic local anesthesia (numbing) to relieve pain by interrupting the pain conduction of the nerve.

Rheuma Care and Therapy

After appropriate diagnosis specific drug therapy can be initiated. Patients are advised about the possibility of physiotherapy, about aids and support groups.

Low Level Laser Therapy

This gentle treatment uses the healing properties of light.
By irradiation with focused light, the cell activity is stimulated and reactivated body’s healing processes.
This causes a stimulation of metabolism, improve circulation, reduce tissue swelling, relieve pain, inflammation and improved wound healing.
The laser treatment shows good results for different indications. It is used for: joint pain (arthritis), back pain, bursitis, heel spurs, tendonitis, sprains, bruises, sprains, muscle pain, nerve inflammation, wound healing disorders.
The duration of treatment depends on the individual circumstances. Usually 5 to 10 sessions are performed.

Dietary advice (Metabolic Balance)

Metabolic Balance is a holistic metabolic program to support health and vitality.
By promoting healthy nutritional choices this program leads to weight regulation, lessening of strain on the cardiovascular system, optimization of sugar and fat metabolism and hormone balance, leading to increased efficiency and well-being.
The metabolic balance program provides a tailor-made nutrition plan based on individual laboratory values ​​and personal information.

Rheuma Check

Suitable for all patients with joint and spinal problems.
Through comprehensive consultation of the complaint and pain characteristics and a targeted physical examination of the musculoskeletal system rheumatologic diseases can be effectively diagnosed in conjunction with laboratory results, joint ultrasound and X-ray examinations (external).

Osteoporosis Check, Counselling and Therapy

For all patients with familial osteoporosis, for women after menopause, after anti-hormonal treatment as a result of breast or prostate cancers or in the presence of other risk factors such as cortisone therapy. A questionnaire is used to estimate the risk of osteoporosis. A bone density measurement (Mineralometrie) may be necessary. Laboratory values ​​help to specify the diagnosis.
A therapy can be initiated. Patients are advised on specific diet, exercise, and fall prevention.

Surgical follow-up

After surgery a check of wounds to exclude inflammation or bleeding is necessary. Dressings require regular changing.
The removal of sutures is part of the surgical aftercare.

Disease management programs (DMP)

Structured treatment programs developed by the statutory health insurance for chronically ill patients. Participation is voluntary. Patients give written consent, which they may revoked at any time.
We provide DMP for the following diseases:

– CHD (coronary heart disease)

– Diabetes mellitus

– COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

– Bronchial Asthma

Certificates / health certificates

Health certificates for employers, insurance companies, schools, universities
Aptitude tests (e.g. for driver’s license renewal, diving, sailing).

Infusion treatment
Vitamin C:
Infusion of high doses of vitamin C can be used to assist in a variety of acute and chronic diseases. As an accompanying measure for cancer, depressed immune system, infections, decreased performance, loss of appetite, in times of physical or mental stress, poor wound healing.
Alpha-lipoic acid:
Treatment of diabetes-related nerve damage (neuropathy).


This type of desensitization is successful in hay fever, allergic asthma, atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis (e.g. pet hair, dust, etc.).
First, blood is taken from the arm vein, diluted and reintroduced to the body by way of drops, thereby readjusting the immune system.


Diseases cured by setting needle stimuli at selected body sites.
According to Chinese thought, yin-yang imbalance over time can lead to disease.
As the cause of the disease a spiritual or energetic pattern is considered. Acupuncture effects the mental pattern allowing the body to heal itself.
Application of acupuncture is successful in treating musculoskeletal pain (e.g. back pain), migraine, mood disorders, functional disorders, tension, sinus infections and more.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections for Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Hyaluronic acid as a component of cartilage, is injected into the knee joint, in order to improve joint function and to reduce pain.